“Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of SCRIPTURE…” 1 Timothy 4:13 (ESV)





From The Town Hall in Auckland to the Lamb’s Theater in Times Square… from Johannesburg to Pasadena to the Islands of the South Pacific… from stages, platforms, and pulpits, and on international radio and television broadcasts, Rick Prinzing has been telling the story of Jesus.

Mark’s Gospel is the one-man dramatic recitation of The Gospel According to St. Mark presented in its entirety in the powerful King James Version. It is the Scripture as Story. There is only the voice and craft of the Storyteller and the account of the Apostle.

“We embarked on this adventure motivated by the conviction that faith may be   conceived and strengthened by simply hearing the truth concerning Jesus .”

Mr. Prinzing’s presentation, which has been warmly received on five continents, is now available for booking.



As the son and grandson of pastors, Rick Prinzing was introduced to the story of Jesus at an early age.  He attended California State University on athletic scholarship and graduated with Major emphasis in Biblical Studies and Oral Interpretation.  His first public presentation of Mark’s Gospel was at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in 1981. This followed sixteen months of preparation, including four months of collaboration with stage director, Darrell Matthews.

Mr. Prinzing holds a commercial pilot’s license and resides in Southern California with his wife, Elizabeth, and their six children.



What a marvelous evening!

I wanted to write to tell you how gratifying it was to witness your presentation of St. Mark’s Gospel at our church. I was fully expectant of it being a good evening, but unprepared for it being a great one!

While your skills had been well represented to me, only the experience of actually beholding the full performance/ministry could allow our sensing your spirit.  The tastefulness present from the very beginning, with your personal remarks and your introduction of the Gospel, carried throughout.

There is a phenomenal creativity in the entire presentation!

The power and beauty of the simplicity in the staging, the dynamic communicated in your movements- so economic yet so electric- and the sensitivity and scriptural soundness of your interpretation combine to produce a “Master-full” effect and a truly spiritual experience!

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
The Church On The Way

Just wanted to say what a terrific job you did as you quoted the Gospel of Mark to our 48th Annual Convention audience.

We were unprepared for what we witnessed.

Within a few minutes after you began, the audience came alive as our Lord Jesus became intensely real. What a privilege that through His Word we were able to travel with Him from Galilee to Judea and back again. From the Jordan to Calvary and on to the Mt. Of Olives where He left us with the challenge to take His Gospel to a lost world.

…I am praying God’s richest blessing on your ministry.

Rev. R.H. Harms, D.D., LL.D. – President Emeritus
Christian Evangelistic Assemblies

Thank you for coming and doing such an outstanding job. Everyone was overwhelmed by the presentation!

May God bless and continue to use you in your amazing presentation of the Gospel.

Pastor Ben Sapp
Wilmington First Assembly of God

Our church was delighted to have Rick Prinzing present St. Mark’s Gospel for us recently.

His gifts are limitless; his interpretation flawless; his audience rapport was magnificent; and the total effect was greatly edifying.  I highly recommend him!

Pastor Jess Moody
First Baptist Church of Van Nuys

I would like to extend my thanks to you, Rick, for working so flexibly with us and presenting such an excellent program at the anniversary of the printing of our Gutenberg Bible.

For several days afterwards we heard many, many compliments from visitors, patrons, and members of the staff who attended the performance. Your movements and voice changes truly brought to life the people and events of the Gospel. We were drawn closely into the action and drama and were deeply blessed in the process.

                                                                                                                                                                      Daphne Wilcox – Public Program Director
The Huntington Museum and Library

It was a joy to have you in our church.

Everything that our people shared about that evening indicated that they loved it. In fact, they’re still talking about it!

We wish the very best for you as you continue to share the Word in this unique and beautiful way. God bless you.

Pastor Henry Haga
Chino Valley Reformed Church

On behalf of the congregation, I want to say thank you for the excellent presentation of Mark’s Gospel Sunday evening. Many people have shared with me this week their appreciation of your dramatic talents and, of course, we stand in awe of the magnitude of memorization accomplished. But most of all, we thank you for the clear presentation of God’s Word. I think there are many possibilities for the expansion of your ministry…You are welcome here at Arvada Covenant at any time.

Pastor Gary Copeland
Arvada Covenant Church

I am busy contacting fellow Pastors about your splendid ministry. It was such a marvelous presentation of the Word of God!
The Book of Mark has taken on new meaning to me and I have read it many, many times. Currently, I am reading and preaching television messages from Mark and am recalling the dramatic impact of your telling the story in such a powerful manner!

Pastor Murray McLees, Ph.D., Litt. D.
Willamette Christian Center

Thanks again, Rick! We sat completely mesmerized by the power of the Word of God! It was simply marvelous!

George O. Wood, D.D. – General Superintendent
The Assemblies of God

Just wanted to write a personal note to tell you how deeply appreciative we were, here at Christ’s Church for your ministry on Sunday evening. This was one of the most exciting presentations we have ever seen. We recognize the tremendous efforts you must have gone through to prepare for the presentation of Mark’s Gospel and want to thank you for the excellent tempering of dramatic skills with an insightful understanding of the Word. I’ve been profoundly blessed just thinking about that service and I mean that from the deep of my heart. I praise the Lord for your willingness to offer your talents in the ministry God has given you.

Pastor Sam Sasser, Th.D.
Christ’s Church


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